I do all kinds of writing: fiction, non-fiction, academic papers, occasionally even poems. The common denominator in my work is a fascination with untold stories.

In 1999, I inherited the task of sorting the papers of my grandmother, the writer and broadcaster Mona Gould. I became an untrained – and sometimes unwilling – archivist and historian. The experience became the subject of my first book, Outside the Box.

I continue to investigate memory. My current writing – both fiction and non-fiction – is about how we curate and preserve memories we cannot express in words. My first novel, The Work, was published in 2019 by Stonehouse. I am a PhD candidate in the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Toronto.

Whenever I get the inspiration, I blog about reason and passion, feminism and fashion — among other topics — at Body Language Journal.

Born and raised in Toronto, I have been active in our cultural community since I was a teenager. Out of a love of all things rough and unfinished I founded the Draft Reading Series in 2005.

I teach movement and have been singing and dancing recreationally for twenty years. With my husband, Rolf Meindl, I love to roam the world’s great cities, especially our own.