The Work

The Work - Book Cover

I’m thrilled to announce the publication of my first novel, The Work, from Stonehouse publishing .

About The Work

When aspiring stage-manager Rebecca Weir falls for the married director of the SenseInSound theatre company, she initiates a love triangle –– and a working collaboration –– which go on for two decades. Beginning in Toronto in the 1980s, The Work traces the rise and fall of SenseInSound. The director has the status of a guru within the company, and his disciples call their method The Work. Is he pushing people to creative heights or abusing his power? Is The Work a cutting-edge artistic practice, a road to personal healing, or a cult? And as his top deputy, is Rebecca complicit, or merely loyal? A historian trying to write about the company, many years later, has little to go on but internet searches –– that is, unless the women behind the man find a way to speak out.

Here’s some advance praise …

“The Work is a dazzling exploration of a life and love in theatre – the struggle to not only create but embody work that matters while making sure the lights stay on, the building stays upright, and everyone eats. Maria Meindl has captured the practical magic and personal strain it takes to put on a play, and introduces us to a captivating cast of characters in the process. A truly fascinating novel.”


“A powerful novel, one that brilliantly charts the allure of charismatic figures and the need, for better or worse, that drives us to them. Maria Meindl takes us into both the darkness and the light, in a world where the two often shade into each other almost indistinguishably.”


All her life she’d been yearning to yearn.

“Why do we fall in love with the wrong people, and keep yearning for them, even when they seem to be destroying us? Why does love have to be so much work? Edgy, fast-paced and darkly funny, Maria Meindl’s The Work is a deep dive into a toxic passion and its intriguing aftermath in Toronto’s bohemian theatre scene of the 1980s. Stage manager Rebecca Weir –– strong, fearless, uncompromising and sensuous –– is ambushed by her passion for Marlin, a maverick director and founder of an avant-garde approach to theatre called “The Work”. Turns out, Marlin, too, is “work”: a moody, arrogant and emotionally abusive manipulator. Also, quite possibly, a genius. Rebecca’s obsession with both Marlin and The Work shapes her, embedding her into the wildly divergent lives of Marlin’s friends, family, lovers, collaborators, investors and enemies. The Work is a By Grand Central Station I Sat Down And Wept for Toronto’s Queen Street generation of artists.”